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Who is the “ME”

Loy Luo

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“Who am I?” is an old philosophy while Me, who is? is my statement of today.

Taking quality photos has become so easy, so fast, so well composed that anyone can effectively create beautiful images. However, at the same time we dropped into a sea or pattern of transient moments. 

Rembrandt was famous for expressing the depth of souls because he could extract the essence from superficial. The Post-Impressionism artists distorted form & shapes to achieve more reality. What should define what today 's artist do?

Recently, I saw an image posted by a friend on WeChat, and it inspired me to revisit drawing: a classical form of artistic expression.

When compared with photos, drawing has the characteristic of stability, time-consuming, use of the hand, etc. – in general, a far greater sense of permanence.

As I draw a subject, I get a strong sense of their humanity and their personality. And, this experience is far more interesting than the experience I get from photographs.

So, in essence, the aim of the Me, who is? project is to explore the varying nuances of today’s popular digital age’s means of documenting moments versus the oft forgotten traditional and, in my opinion – more significant means of documenting a moment through the art of drawing.

Loy Luo 

Loy Luo

Loy Luo creates paintings, sculptures and performance projects whose works have been shown in many cities around the world and in many collections. She is known for her abstract painting and sculpture which explore the fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy. Her abstract art was publicly commented as huge power being compelled in the peaceful surface and simple format.

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