All the time, the carrier of “human” is regarded as the most distinctive characteristic of Li Xu’s artistic creations that explore and elaborate on research about the human itself, human existence and the dilemma faced by humans.

Li Xu

Li Xu

Li Xu - The Book of Disquiet 

Li Xu was born in 1970 in Inner Mongolia, China. Now he lives and works in Beijing, China, and New York, USA. Li Xu graduated from Oil Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1997; he graduated from the fourth studio of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004; he received doctor’s degree in Oil Painting from the Central Academy of Fine Art in 2012. His doctoral research interests are Research on Chinese Oil Painting and Traditional Culture; doctoral thesis Free Viewing: The Space Concept of Portrait Art in Han Dynasty has been collected by National Library of China.

Li Xu’s works have exhibited different art institutes at home and abroad, including National Art Museum of China, Today Art Museum, CAFA Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, China Millennium Monument, Grand Palais, Congress Palace Museum, Cairo and more. Currently, his works have been collected by Zhejiang Art Museum, Huan Tie Times Art Museum, Vest Agder Museum and other art institutions.

Upward, Oil on canvas 40x60cm, 2015

Balance, 100x80cm, 2015

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