"In the struggle between the old and the new, the past is extinguished and only the present exists."

Seungwan Park

Seungwan Park
By abandoning the basic prejudice in which marble is carved from a single block, two types of marble are glued together to form a single mass. The final effect, created with the lines of the different materials put together, is a feature in its own right.
The appearance of the sculpture itself is no different from the other sculptural works common to us, but the technique used consists in playing like in a 3D puzzle and carving the block using a 3d robot. After all this, it is finished by handwork.
The features of these works are the lines created by the materials glued together and the cut lines of the 3d robot.
The Industrial Revolution in the mid-1700s brought many changes to the economy, society, and art.
The artist has participated in rapidly changing technologies and trends, but he incorporated the new technologies without changing the essence of sculpture at the same time.
Special work was created by using the 3D robot of the 4th industrial revolution.
I was born in Korea, a nation where, despite the same language being spoken, the war never ended officially and the Korean military dividing line was only symbolized by a line drawn on a geographical map. Division is a matter that affects everyone regardless of geography, however, every time yesterday becomes today and today becomes tomorrow through the midnight confines, I, you, us, them, religion and religion, thought and thought, we draw a boundary line according to a partial world view.
Eternity does not exist anywhere yet we continue to seek it in a god that we created, excluding everything that does not agree with us. But in the end when we find ourselves facing death we realize our weak and ephemeral existence.
"In the struggle between the old and the new, the past is extinguished and only the present exists," said Josef Stalin.
My work is to make past and present coexist.