Xanadu, 2017, Cemento

Wang Yongxu

Wang Yongxu

Wang Yongxu - Paesaggio Bianco

Wang Yongxu (September 1987-), a chinese artist and curator. Was born in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. Graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion technology and the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Italy. He has studied under the famous sculptor Liberatore Bruno and Gianpaolo Berto. He has curated many important art exhibitions in Italy and promoted the development of Chinese art and culture abroad. In 2018, he was named one of the most potential curators by the Association of Italian Artists. He has published many literary criticism and essays, also engaged in sculptures and oil paintings. Currently working as the artistic director for the Italy Olive Culture Media Company and the president of the Funspace Art and Culture Association, and also the co-curator of the 2019 Cina-Italia Biennale.

1907 -1, Tecniche integrate materiali: plastica, tesuto ,cartocino Ø 87cm 2013

“URLI” - installazione+spazio+suono 2017

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